Apostille Services in the Chicago Area

For immediate assistance with the witnessing of signatures or certification of international sales, please get in touch with us right away. We also provide notary services to both people and corporations that need the expertise and professionalism of our notary staff.

Notarization Service Chicago

We have been notarizing papers for a long time and will continue to do so. We can assist you regardless of whether you are a private person or a corporation. All of our notaries are certified attorneys.

Regularly, we are requested to verify the validity of papers and signatures that will be used in other countries. Our notaries can advise you on the most appropriate course of action to take in response to your request and can offer you with a notarial certification that fits your requirements.

What are Notary Services and how it works?

  • We’ll organize a courier or drop off for your papers, or in certain situations, a video chat, after you’ve informed us of the methods, you’d want to use for them.
  • When we have finished everything for you, including the certification/notarization or translation (if applicable) of the document, as well as the submission of the documents to the authorities.
  • We either return the copies and originals (if appropriate) to you by Special Delivery or send them to the location where they are required (fees vary by destination).

What is the purpose of notary service?

A notarial certification is one of the highest levels of certification you can gain from a lawyer or public authority, and it is recognized worldwide. That notaries must have extra training and competence is one reason for this. When a notarized document is received in a foreign country, it might provide the receiver with more confidence that the proper authentication procedures have been followed.

Apostille Services in the Chicago Area

If you’re shipping papers overseas, such as a certificate, it’s possible that notarization will not be sufficient. Apostille legalization is required for many papers. In order to do this, the document or certificate must be stamped with an apostille stamp, which certifies the notary’s authority, signature, and seal.

We provide apostille services in Chicago that are both professional and affordable. Our notaries can assist you in navigating the complicated procedure and reducing its time to completion.

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