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Payroll services provided in Chicago are a comprehensive payroll processing solution that you can rely on. We offer complete solutions to help you run your organization more effectively, ranging from the basic to the very complicated. As an added benefit, our on-line time and attendance management system may relieve you of the burden of collecting time cards, entering hours, and processing payroll. As a result, we provide you with the flexibility to conduct your company as efficiently as possible.

We will organize, direct, and manage all administrative duties for your company on behalf of our payroll services team.

We also act as a liaison between your organization’s management and its employees. Our human resources services combine innovative technology with competence that can only be gained through years of experience in the business. As a result, your company will benefit from better, more long-lasting solutions.

Payroll services in Chicago

The only payroll questions you’ll be asking yourself are whether it’s already payday. Reduce your payroll, accounting, and benefits expenditures, as well as the employee-related paperwork that takes up critical time in your day-to-day operations. Paycheck services in Chicago will ensure that your payroll is always processed on schedule, while also taking care of all of your associated taxes and employment verification requirements.

Chicago Employee Benefits Administration

Access to high-quality healthcare and employee perks are important factors in attracting and keeping high-quality workers. Choose from a choice of benefit packages offered by several insurance companies and we will help you incorporate the benefits into your existing personnel system.

  • Wage garnishment and child support payments, as well as tax liens and bankruptcy payments, may all be completed correctly and with none additional work or anxiety on your behalf throughout each payroll period.
  • W-2 Processing begins early in our company’s day because we want to ensure that you have plenty time to examine W-2 sensitive information for accuracy before they are printed and sent to you.
  • We also ask the relevant questions to verify that 1099 receivers are correctly designated as consultants or contractors rather than employees, a typical error that we can assist you in preventing.

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