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Taxpayers in the United States are liable for US income tax on all of their international income and profits. Taxpayers in the United States are also liable to the United States Estate and Gift Tax on transferring their assets during their lifetime or upon death.

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  • In order to file a tax return, you must include the earnings shown on your W-2. They are also commonly used as proof of income in circumstances such as renting or purchasing a property, as well as when applying for vehicle loans and student help programs.
  • The amounts of your total salaries received must be added up and reported on Line 1 of your Form 1040 after you have collected all of your Forms W-2. Although it may seem that they all originated from the same employment since all salaries are recorded on this line, you are still responsible for accounting for every Forms W-2 that you got.
  • Line 17 of these forms contains the total amount of federal income tax withheld from these forms. A refundable tax credit for overpayment of Social Security taxes may be if your many occupations resulted in an overpayment of Social Security taxes.
  • Inter-spousal transactions, which most married couples feel should be tax free, may in reality be liable to taxation not only in the United States but also in other countries.
  • Trusts are widely used in asset and estate planning as a tool to help people manage their assets. Many foreign countries, including the United States, have complicated tax concerns relating to the date and amount of tax levied against trustees, settlors, and beneficiaries.

Following Up Tax-filing Deadlines

By not filing your taxes, you are delaying the inevitable and, in the meantime, making things more difficult for yourself overall by subjecting yourself to potential fines and interest.

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